Pixie Starburst Boob Jewels


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Similar to nipple pasties, these Pixie Starburst Boob Jewels feature stick on rhinestone nipple pasties! While it may be your inclination to tell people "my eyes are up here" you'll realize that these hypnotic boob jewels are meant to make your girls shine. Unlike other pasties, these nipple pasties feature a hole in the center to let your nipples breathe! Apply on clean, oil-free skin!

When applied correctly, crystal body jewelry will stay on in the most dazzling of situations. While your pixie soul can party for days, these body jewels may cause irritation with over 12 hours of use and are recommended for one time use.

  • Includes: All in One Boob Jewels (Pair)
  • Includes a clear backing to easily peel off
  • While these crystals look real, they are not.... sorrry