Quilted Padded Eye Mask

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By Allure

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Indulge in heightened sensations with the Quilted Padded Eye Mask - the perfect addition to your BDSM ensemble. This alluring eye mask boasts a luxurious faux leather design, complete with a padded, quilted pattern that perfectly complements your unique style. The elastic head strap fits snugly for optimum comfort, ensuring it stays in place throughout your intimate playtime. The Quilted Padded Eye Mask is crafted with premium materials such as PVC and polyester, guaranteeing a long-lasting accessory for all your sensual adventures. Don't miss out on the ultimate sensory experience - order your Quilted Padded Eye Mask now and add a new dimension to your intimate encounters. (Quilted Eye Mask Fabric: 85%PVC, 15% Polyester; Knit: 100% Polyester; Coating-Outer Layer: Polyurethane; Middle Layer: Polyvinyl Chloride)