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Bath and Body

Body Love Indulgence

If there’s any place you have to live for the rest of your life, it is in your own body. Take care and love your body, no matter its shape and size! Skin, vagina, and all over body care is the primary step to holistic health and beauty. After all, the largest organ in your body deserves a big chunk in your routine.

Only the right products should touch your precious skin. If it does not make you feel like a million bucks, you need to edit your arsenal!

When you want your body to be shining with moisturized supple skin, cleansing with soap and water will not cut it. Take a dip in lavish bath salts or bath bombs that will fill your tub with libido-enhancing scents, then coat your skin with satin-smooth oils, creams and lotions.

Stripper Must-Haves

Luxuriate in these bath and body products that pro strippers swear by! If there’s anyone whose body proves profitable, strippers are the benchmark. If you are on the hunt for new products to look and feel squeaky and sexy, keep this page in your tab!

For a stripper, taking care of what’s down there is second nature. How could anyone work the pole if there’s even an inch of itch and ick? Here are some of the pussy-loving items you need to include in your body care routine, so you are always ready to frolic:

Shaving Products: Shaving raw and bone-dry will make your bikini line look like a rough patch. Make sure you have moisturizing products explicitly targeting the cooch. Coochy shave products are named just that because every ingredient is pussy-intensive. A best-seller, the coochy shave cream, leaves the skin soft and bump-free!

Vagina Wash: The vagina releases fluids and heat. Anyone in close proximity can get a whiff of what you keep underneath that g-string! Smell like you always ooze perfume from your body when you cleanse with the best vaginal washes. It will entice, seduce, and make you feel like you are floating on air. Clean, fresh, and fragrant is what you want for your yoni!

Vaginal Wipes: Keep the best vaginal wipes in your grooming kit or purse whenever you need to freshen up! Make sure your cherry always smells like cherry, especially after a whole night of dancing, by keeping a pack of vaginal wipes within reach.

Feminine Spray: Feminine sprays are specifically designed to balance your pH while leaving it scintillatingly scented. A quick and easy spritz to feeling frisky and flirty!

Infused with Sex Appeal!

Anything that promotes a healthy and sexy body is always worth the splurge. We have picked the best products to add a healthy glow from head to toe! Treat your body and your soul with sexy scents and erotic emollients. Your body will thank you!