Spread some lube when you spread your legs!

Often overlooked and underestimated, a sex lubricant is a must-have! If you are one of those who never saw lubricants as absolutely necessary, it is time to shift your gear! Look at it as an essential accessory rather than just an extra detail to your sex routine, and you’ll see immediate results. The stigma that comes with using a sex lubricant should be demolished. Using it does not mean you lack in the wetness department. It has nothing to do with the level of the turn-on. Bodies have natural reactions, and many factors play in the amount of a natural lubrication a vagina can produce — it can only do so much! When natural lubrication is not entirely on the same page as your mind, a tube of lube goes a long way.

What your wet dreams are made of.

Turn on the switch instantly when you slather on the best lubricant for sex. It will surely be a slip and slide when you glide your bodies with a luxurious liquid lube. There are various lubricants to choose from, and it will take a bit of trial and error to know what works with your body chemistry. On that thought, here are some of the crowd favorite ‘fluids’ to take off the friction:

  1. Water-based sex lubricant: One of the most common kinds in the market, water lubes, is nontoxic options that feel natural to the skin. Because H2O is the main ingredient, irritation and infection are least likely to happen.
  2. Silicone lubricant: A safe and smooth blend of silicone lube will not penetrate your skin. Because it is not as absorbing as water, you get longer-lasting moisture. Hypoallergenic silicone products get the job done and also leaves your skin feeling supple and healthy!
  3. Coconut oil: It’s usually used as a massage oil, a skincare product, or a body lotion, but can you use coconut oil as lube? Definitely YES! Coconut oil as a lube is an all-natural substitute that makes you smell and taste sweet enough to eat! It can be smeared any part of your body, so even the most sensitive body parts can be coated in coco! Using coconut oil as a lube feels like heaven, and it is incredibly versatile. However, it is ideal to use it naturally, without condoms and other contraceptives.

 There are lots more kinds of natural-oil lubricants and even hybrids of the ingredients mentioned above. Smooth, frictionless, painless, comfortable, and safe — have all these always in the bag when you have a lubricant for sex within your reach. It’s the perfect partner for sex toys and to stimulate foreplay and even solo play! We have an assortment of the best sex lubricants, so you will never run out of moisture!