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Stay Up Fishnet Thigh Highs
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Candy Cane Stockings
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Candy Cane Stockings
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Candy Cane Stockings
$6.95 $8.95 Sale
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Let Your Sexy Legs Take Centerstage

Trends come and go, but there are some things in fashion that are timeless. One example of these eternally-embedded items in every generation’s closet is stockings. Like sheer perfection reflected in equally sheer pantyhose, this clothing category has transcended time. If you are one of those fixated on the timelessness and versatility of high-quality tights, you have come to the right page.

Tricky Terminology

Hosiery is an umbrella term for numerous types of legwear. Generally, stockings refer to two pieces of leg coverings that go up to the thighs. Tights, on the other hand, go up to the torso and are secured by a waistband. Although people often mix up technical terms, since stockings are a classic, it has become the collective word for all the sheer, skintight and stretchy fabric that graces the legs. However you want to call it, and whatever style you prefer, the feel and experience they provide are one and the same. Stitched between the lightweight material are confidence and comfortability with a ton of sexiness.

Hosiery’s History

A picture of a statuesque model in a unique pair of legwear is always in magazines. Hosiery has evolved, and a long list of styles has emerged, but stockings always have and will always be there.

Hosiery or some would call it the hose, was once the mark of a polished female. Its primary use was to cover up the skin of the legs when wearing short skirts, especially in a corporate setup. However, stockings also had a place in the underground scene. It is also the subject of plenty of fetishes, and it is a trademark of many sex symbols.

So, this famous lingerie accessory and all its facets are here to stay.

For as long as stockings were invented, they were always categorized as accessories. It was always put to the back burner until the whole outfit was planned. If this is how you’ve always viewed hosiery, let us shift your perspective. Otherwise, let this page celebrate all the glory of tights, leggings, stockings, and other stretchy things offer.

Look Your Best. Let Your Legs Do the Rest.

Stockings are incredibly sexual, sensual and deserve all the credit. It enhances the natural beauty of a woman’s legs—a too-often forgotten feature of a woman’s body. Legs can be as erotic as the boobs and the butt, but it is often bare since they are often an overlooked component.

Sure, bare legs are sexy, but adding stockings can make it sexier. That additional layer is an extra layer of sex appeal. Even slipping a sheer one already makes a ton of difference to the look. So, if you haven’t already, take that extra step and pack sexy lingerie stockings for your stripper shift or just keep it handy just in case, your look calls for a spruce-up.

Erotic stockings come in plenty of different styles and structures. But, end all be all, it all provides the same magic. The right pair does a lot without doing too much. Explore what hose and all its forms offer and be amazed at their versatility, comfortability and sensuality.

Types of Stockings

Depending on your purpose and preferences, you can choose from a broad array of sexy legwear. From subtle second skin to striking striped stockings, there is a hose for every purpose. Fashion and women’s standards have evolved, and stockings followed suit. One thing is for sure; the selection just gets sexier and sexier by the day. Don’t you worry because we will keep you int Out of the infinite choices in the market, here are some of Discount Stripper’s favourites:

Crotchless Stockings

A front-runner in our faves is the feature we need in every lingerie category—the open crotch. This type of hose is not for the coy but the relentless seductress! You might have the panties, but do you have the stockings? Imagine not needing to take off your underwear, not your legwear for sex! Talk about turning the heat up because crotchless stockings keep your legs covered, keeping you warm, cozy and protected. Even as the rest of your get-up ends up on the floor, you can keep your hose up ‘til the end. Crotchless stockings will be a scandalous addition to your sock drawer, and it will make your senses tingle just thinking about using them! Make sure you have a pair of sexy lingerie stockings to complete your seductive ensemble.

Latex Stockings

BDSM is all about the gear, and if your legs aren’t geared up, then we have the missing puzzle piece. BDSM stockings come in different styles. From bold fishnets to studded pairs, it still won’t be complete with latex stockings. Achieve that wet look from head to toe with BDSM stockings!

Fishnet Stockings

The iconic fishnet thigh-high stockings should be part of not just every stripper’s but every female’s closet. You can either go bold or get freaky in fishnet thigh highs. The best thing about it is its flexibility, in all senses of the word. It is effortless to pair fishnets to your outfit and shoes, no matter the theme you are going for. Because this classic also has various patterns, you can wear it for different purposes and occasions. However deep your

Glow in the Dark Fishnets

The room is dark, but your legs do not have to be overshadowed by the pulsating club lights. Whether it is a rave, a club, a festival or anywhere the brightness is dimmed, you can take green glow in the dark stockings or any other color or neon socks. Who needs lights when you have your very own spotlight following you around with every step you take?

These are just a few items on our hotlist. There are a lot more styles where that came from! All you have to do is freely roam the Discount stripper realm and be amazed at every kind imaginable. You can wear the whole rainbow on our legs with opaque orange stockings to purple stockings and even multicolored ones. Plus, there are a whole bunch of fun alternatives like sexy socks or stockings with bows so you can get your daily dose of sexy legwear.

Take Extra Care of Extra Sexy Stockings

Your stockings make your day and your outfit extra, but they also come with more responsibility. Unlike other staples, stockings are prone to runs and tears because of their lightweight and sheer materials. So, make sure you give proper attention to your mesh stockings, so they retain their quality for longer.

  • Keep sharp objects at bay, such as long nails, zippers, and other hardware accessories.
  • Practice the clear nail polish hack.
  • Read and follow laundry and storage instructions that come with your stockings.

Your legs will never be lonely anymore. Shop Discount Stripper for your sexy stockings fix.