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The spotlight, the pole, pulsating music and a night that doesn’t end. Exotic dancing is a feast for the senses. Dancers hold power and passion with every move they make. Every gravity-defying motion will make hearts beat faster and the room so much hotter!

Dancing involves more than just a series of body movements on the pole and the floor. It requires a lot of visual appeal! If you want your audience to stop and stare, your stripper wear is of great magnitude. Whether it is a whole crowd or a sole spectator, the right clothes will make all the difference.

Step out on the dancefloor with a sexy dance routine and even sexier stripper clothes. It takes a bit of shopping and a whole lot of confidence to come up with a look that will highlight every grind and blow everyone’s minds!

Sex Appeal from Head to Toe

Exotic dancer outfits can be a tricky thing to put together. Though it may look skimpy and straightforward at first glance sometimes, sluttiness takes some thought! Unpack the different layers to a stripper outfit, though it lacks the layers in a literal sense.

You want every inch of your body to be accentuated by flattering exotic dancer clothing. However, you also want them to be a functional piece of the performance.

Professional strippers do not follow a strict uniform. Because stripper outfits make the silhouette, a tight-fitting wardrobe is generally used. Usually, it switches it up every so often, so you need quite a collection. The trick is to build a capsule wardrobe that works with almost everything else in your closet. Assemble an ensemble that will put the spotlight on your body and your moves.

The following are essential goodies you should always pack in your baddie bag:


We know it is bound to be taken off at some point but remember, your top holds the ‘goods’! So, make sure it enhances that cleavage but also protects the jugs from too much jiggling. Discount Stripper’s tops are a variety of feisty tops that leave almost nothing to the imagination but are very forgiving to the female form. Choose from crop tops, bra tops, corsets, bustier and other boob-baring clothing. Cupless bras are new options that essentially frame your breasts like a painting. It is a work of art, after all!


Bootylicious is the objective. Much like the boobs, it’s the bum that gets all the attention, making sure that they are clad in sultry stripper shorts. Whether you are in it for a game of seduction or you are aiming to collect those tips, you better off with bottoms with as little coverage as possible. Of course, take your comfort into significant consideration. Tight is sexy but too tight is sometimes itchy! Pick materials made of spandex and other stretchy fabric if you plan to work your butt off around the pole or all around the dancefloor. Your crotch will thank you later!


The sexiest items in your closet are the dresses that make you look and feel like a sex kitten. Having a dress does not only help you abide by some clubs’ dress codes but is also a breeze to wear, in both senses of the phrase! Save the task of matching tops and bottoms with a one-piece stripper dress. Some must-have dresses include classy little black dresses, tantalizing cut-out bodycon dresses, and full-length stripper gowns. Customize your look with features that accentuate your best parts. For instance, a plunging neckline, a high thigh slit, sheer fabric or a backless feature with all the styles in Discount Stripper’s selection; you can pick one for every day!


An extra layer of stripper gear is always a good idea. Fishnets are a refreshing opportunity to take a break from bare legs. Technically, they do not ‘cover up,’ but they add an extra layer that protects the legs from external factors like the cold, the pole or the floor. More so, it elongates the legs as the patterns emphasize it and add dimension. Leggings and stockings come in many different forms, so you never have to worry about it matching your booty shorts or g-strings. You can either go for those big, bold neon fishnets or just add a subtle shine with rhinestone-studded translucent stockings. Either way, hosiery will enhance the appeal of the legs.


The most minor details matter. Apart from the false lashes, the sky-high heels, and the body stickers, you can add more spice to your exotic dancewear with elastic leg garters and sparkly stripper pasties for the nipples. Gloves add elegance in contrast to the exoticness of your other clothing. These are just a few of the options that will add more flavor to your ensemble. The best thing about these accessories is that they come in infinite designs and colors, so you never run out of options for every clothing you have in your closet.

Factors You Should Look for in Exotic Dancewear

Especially if it is a professional dancing gig, you cannot afford to encounter a fashion faux pas in the middle of your choreography. You must prevent yourself from melting amid the hottest nights in the club by setting up the coolest and sexiest looks --- and we are not talking about makeup!

Stretch factor

Unrestricted movement is everything in exotic dancing. If an item of clothing will prevent you from doing your splits and acrobatic stunts, automatically cancel it out from the equation.

Shine factor

The spotlight is on you and your body, so you need clothing that will not dull the shine and drown you in the dark. Literally, you can opt for glow-in-the-dark or neon clothing. Since most of the fun starts at night, shining and shimmering clothes definitely make an impact.

X factor

If you are in this for the money-making biz, you know that you must keep those stares to reel in those tips! Choose the right clothes that scream: “look at me!” Luckily, there is an abundance of those in Discount Stripper’s arsenal. You only have to pick your weapon of choice.

Dare to Wear Daring Dancewear

You might be thinking: “why do I need to put much thought into my stripper outfit when I am taking it off anyway?” Consider this: taking off your clothes is the ending, but your stripper clothes are part of the show! As your costume and workwear in one, you deserve to don the most exotic clothing no matter how little exposure it gets. The clothes on your back will determine the level of anticipation and provide a mystique that will leave your audience craving for more. So, if you find yourself asking the question again, remember that dance is the language, but your clothes help you tell the story.

Of course, this does not only apply to professional dancers. For instance, these also work if you are going to a rave, a festival, planning for a wild show for your partner, or you are someone who simply wants to try something new. No matter the purpose, our dancewear is ready for anything you set your eyes on.

The Stripper Clothing Store that Has It All

…and then some! Our stripper clothes might skimp on fabric, but not on quality! Be a vivacious vixen, even on a budget. We guarantee that anything you choose here will be a showstopper. Ass, boobs, waist, hips, legs, your whole physique will be centerstage. Just pick your cards, and we are here to add mystique to your figure.

Check Out and Get that Bag!

Take advantage of Discount Stripper’s deals because we never run out of tempting and picks. Here at our stripper clothing store, there are no apprehensions and no judgment, just a whole lot of fun and sexiness. With brands that also promote unparalleled confidence with the help of unique exotic dancer clothing, we make the nights bright and faces light up. We all welcome you to Discount Stripper so you can: Shop. Dance. Repeat!