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What is Lingerie?

One word, eight letters, but even the whole alphabet cannot sum up the depth and breadth of sexy lingerie.

Negligee, nighties, intimates, unmentionables – the industry has tried to put multiple names on these lacy and racy underthings. But no matter what you call it, the common denominator is sexiness.

If you could put lingerie into words, it is the representation of everything sexy. Empowerment, confidence, pleasure and every possible word associated with sexiness can be represented by a lingerie piece. Every piece is designed to boost a woman’s confidence.

Types of Lingerie

Lingerie is like the universe, made up of different galaxies and branches down to more worlds. It is easy to get lost in the realm of lingerie for women. But one thing is for sure: with the right lingerie, you will be the star!

It is more than just shopping for a bra and panty. Lingerie is much more complex than that! There is a long list of lingerie kinds, and it won’t help you choose which to get because you’ll want everything! The following is a master list of lingerie essentials. Though there are more names in the catalog, this can be your basis to build or expand your lingerie capsule wardrobe:

  • Bra and Panties

Out of everything in this list, this is the pair that all females already have. Because they are commonplace and necessities, you tend to think of them nonchalantly. Force of habit will tell you to grab the basics and go, but Discount Stripper will say to you otherwise! It’s easy to cop basic underwear but to have genuinely slutty lingerie is life-changing. Thongs, g-strings and micro-undies are just a few of our favorite things. Start with your bra and panties by going for our favorite kinds: Cupless and crotchless lingerie!

Instead of heaving a sigh when you open your boring underwear drawer, seeing these two variants every time will take your breath away-- in a good way! Plus, the best thing about this category is you can either get it in a matching set or style it separately.

  • Bodystockings

Sheer lingerie that envelopes your whole body--- that is basically what a bodystocking is. Hosiery that goes beyond just your legs. They’re stretchy, smooth and silky, and a hundred percent sultry. It comes in a myriad of materials and motifs. It can be opaque, cut out, mesh or lace, black or neon, mini or full-length! Style is not the only thing that is expansive when it comes to bodystockings. Also, bodystockings cater to all body types and sizes because they are practically shapeshifters. Your body is the clear winner whenever it is displayed with a soft and transparent bodystocking.

  • Babydolls

Babydoll lingerie are flowy and feminine nightdresses. It is usually tight around the bust held up by thin straps but loosens down around the waist. The sheer lingerie dress falls just right below the butt cheeks or above the thighs. Since it is often made with light material, you can customize the look with your chosen panties! Its flirty fabric and sensual cut are a killer combination that will surely break hearts. Its comfortability is a plus as well!

  • Chemise

Romantic and racy, a chemise is popular honeymoon lingerie. A mini dress with less fabric and more skin! Skimpier and sexier than your average nightgown, this lingerie outfit will make you do more than just sleep. The difference between a babydoll and a chemise is the fit. While a babydoll is flowy, a chemise is body-hugging. Usually, it also features translucent material so you can show off your undies (or lack thereof!).

  • Corsets

Another body-hugging gem! Corsets are waist-cinchers that accentuate your curves. It is made up of bones and laces to achieve that snatched-up waist! It is a classic and timeless piece that will last you for a long time. It comes in a variety of styles that range from Victorian to BDSM, so you can incorporate a corset, whichever your style.

  • Garters

If there’s anything that can hold your hot lingerie in place, it’s garters. When you struggle with your hosiery sliding down, a device to keep them still is heaven-sent. Garter lingerie is specifically designed for that purpose. Snaps and hooks will connect your stockings to the rest of your lingerie outfits. But more than It adds more lines and dimension to your body, and sometimes, it’s just another layer for you to strip off!

  • Robes and Gowns

If garters hold everything in place, robes and kimonos tie everything together. Sexy lingerie for women won’t be complete without something to top it off! There are times you need that extra layer to keep you warm or add mystery to your lingerie outfit.

There’s a lot more where that came from! See our collection expand and grow your own. We will help you tick off every item on this list by updating it with the sexiest, sultriest, most risqué lingerie!

Size (in the Tag) Matters!

Finding the perfect size for you is one of the keys to a harmonious relationship with your lingerie. A lot of times, you might cop because of the visual appeal alone, but remember to shop for your body too! There is a lot of hot lingerie, and we do not blame you if you want to buy everything! Then again, you can only maximize your purchases by getting them in an accurate size! Make sure the items in your cart are meant for you! The following are some insider tips from your local lingerie enthusiasts:

  • Do not be intimidated by mannequins or models. Just because you might have a different body type than the one displayed does not mean you cannot rock the same exotic lingerie!
  • Take the time to read the sizing guide. Sizes may vary from brand to brand, and the fit also depends on the structure of the lingerie items. Such as, loose babydolls are much more forgiving than tight-fitting corsets. Aside from checking the general size (i.e., Small, Medium, Large), check the numerical sizing (i.e., 24in, 70cm), all in the name of accuracy!
  • Measure regularly. Our bodies are constantly changing and growing, so it makes perfect sense that your bra size may fluctuate as you go through lifestyle changes. The same goes with your panties and other bottoms. You never know when those squats will pay off, so bring out that mirror, measuring tape and list down your stats every 6 months.
  • Professional fitting is more accurate. You can always DIY, but if you want even the smallest millimeter covered, it is always best to seek a pro’s support. Approach any bra fitting expert in your local lingerie shop or ask the assistance of your trusted seamstress. Measurements go more than just around the chest. Accurate measurements of the underbust, torso, waist, and hips are also the elements that make a great fit. Remember, it won’t hurt to seek an extra pair of hands, especially expert ones.
  • Choose your body type. Another huge factor that makes lingerie look different across different. Knowing and loving your own body shape and size will help you choose the best lingerie outfit that will be absolutely flattering.

Sexy lingerie for women is not rocket science. It takes only a tinge of time and effort to get the perfect fit. Thus, do not ever settle for “that'll do” because poorly fitted lingerie, especially those with wires and bones, can cause body aches and pains, skin irritation and more! Once you have lingerie outfits that fit like a glove, it will blow your mind!

In A Relationship with Lingerie

Fall in love and in lust with Discount Stripper’s selection of kinky lingerie. A collection of lustful and slutty lingerie is waiting to be grabbed by you!

If you are looking for a reason to put it in the bag, know that you do not really have to have one! Lingerie is not only for a significant other, a patron, or a special occasion, but also it is first and foremost for you and your body! The impact it has on other people is merely secondhand! Some will give you a subtle glow from within, while others make your self-esteem burst through the seams. Whichever effect it has on your confidence, it will always make your façade look absolutely fabulous! Hence, whatever the size of your audience is, naughty lingerie is always a good idea! We can even say lingerie is better than being naked, don’t you agree?

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