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Micro Thong Bikini
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Micro Bikinis     

The anatomy of the itsy bitsy teeny weeny micro bikini is unlike any other. It is minimal but at the same time packs a punch. Bikinis are already a hot take on sexy swimwear, but the hot micro bikini takes it to the extreme. Cheeky, naughty and undeniably sexy, extreme micro bikinis deserve all the attention it gets. If you love the spotlight, expect to get both heart eyes and dagger stares from every angle when you don a mini micro bikini to the pool or the beach.

Why Every Woman Should Own a Micro Bikinis

Slutty swimsuits get us looking pretty, sexy, hot, and all types of adjectives in that spectrum, and that's probably why these products are so popular. However, it provides more than just visual appeal! Oh, the things it does to our whole psyche!

Feel a surge of sensuality and self-esteem take over your body when you muster the courage to go out in public wearing the smallest micro bikini. Wearing one will feel like indecent exposure is hanging on a thin thread—literally! But that's the fun of it. Knowing that you have complete control and choice about what you put on your body is liberating. Letting go of anything that makes you self-conscious is the goal. Plus, it's already an achievement if you can strut your huge tits micro bikini style without any reservations! So, make the micro bikini an instrument for self-love and body appreciation.

In addition to these, what makes micro bikinis a must-have in every woman's closet is their effortlessness to style and wear. For females who love dressing up, a micro string bikini is better than being nakey! Do not be fooled by its intimidating exterior because high-quality, well-fitted microkinis feel incredibly comfortable, just like second skin! But since it has minimal material and frills, it will feel like you are actually naked. If you want to bask in the sun and not worry about tan lines, wedgies and nip slips, the smallest micro bikini solves all that and then some.

Comes in Different Shapes and Sizes

Though anything ultra-skimpy can get a pass in the micro swimwear category, its style is not uniform, nor is it a one-size-fits-all. To maximize the microkini's beauty and all that comes with it, you must know the right piece for you! The mini micro bikini comes in a medley of colors and styles. To learn more about what product you can put in the bag, here are some of Discount Stripper's hot list of hot micro bikinis:

Mesh micro bikinis. Everyone loves a great set of slutty swimwear that is also comfortable. See-through micro bikini in mesh material lets you live on both sides of the fence. Move around freely with a swimsuit that feels 'barely there' while also keeping the sexiest style in check! It's both airy, yet it is also feisty, so you get the best of both worlds.

Micro string bikini. Basically, this type of microkini bottom is more flexible and customizable since you can adjust it using the strings at both sides of the hips. Pertaining to the notion that the smallest micro bikinis are made for small body proportions, sexy string bikinis squshes that idea. Big or small bums will fit in micro g string swimwear that comes with straps. Simply tie it to the desired fit, and you are good to go!

Teardrop micro bikini. Taking the shape of a teardrop that goes just enough to cover the nips, this type of micro bikini top leaves little to the imagination! Instead of the usual triangle shape, teardrop micro bikinis make everything a little bit spicier.

Monokinis. If you are a fan of one-piece suits, you are going to love this sensational option. Who says sexiness must always come in two pieces? Monokinis works the same as the other micro bikini categories. It comes with a g string bikini bottom and a skimpy top. The only difference is the material extends across the tummy to connect the top to the bottom. Bring more dimension and color to your look by adding a monokini and microkini hybrid to your collection.

Slingshot bikinis. This is an iteration of the monokini, only slinkier! Instead of fabric connecting the top to the bottoms, you could say in this case: strings are attached! Micro sling bikinis have small pieces of material covering only the essentials, while the rest are fully displayed. If you are not one to hold back from a chance to show off, shoot your shot with a string-y bikini!

Where To Wear the Micro Bikini Bathing Suits

Everything micro is dominating the universe. From gadgets and gizmos to fashion and the arts, almost everything is shrunk down to minis. On the other hand, the whole world is not ready for micro swimwear. Though we would love to go out and about in the tiniest bikini your eyes ever did see, there are some regulations that your area might impose.

Since these seductive products are still considered R-18, it is best to do some research before packing your bags. Vacations with your micro bikini are the best but being apprehended will just ruin the fun! Make intentional plans by opting to visit the following options for your carefree galivanting:

Adults-only resorts. Romantic and steamy vacations with your beau won't be complete without the slutty swimwear that would heat things up. Rival the sun with the hottest micro g string swimwear.

Clothing-optional beaches. Here, micro bikinis are not only allowed but they are also encouraged! If you need alternatives other than going bare naked, you can still simulate commando with a sheer micro bikini.

Private pools. Throw a party with some like-minded friends and rent an exclusive place just for it. Since it would be a private event, you do not have to worry about the rules! Just make the dress code clear.

The formula for a bikini body only involves a body and a bikini. Discount strippers version, on the other hand, consists of a bit of bikini but a whole lot of body. Skim through the pages and find the perfect mini micro bikini for you.