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Keep those heels as high as your confidence.

Cinderella had glass slippers, Dorothy had ruby red shoes, Sex and the City’s Carrie had her blue Manolos.

Meanwhile, strippers have platform heels.

Shoes are at the center of fairytales, love songs, romance flicks and other stories. There’s a reason people gush about footwear and why everyone is nursing a hidden foot fetish: the magic is real. Naturally, people are drawn to shoes which have always been a massive part of anyone’s lifestyle. Some keep a few trusty pairs, and some are on the verge of an imeldific collection. Whichever end of the spectrum you fall under, there is no doubt that you have a relationship with shoes one way or another.

Stripper shoes, despite the moniker, are not limited to what its name suggests. Pole dancing shoes and exotic dancer shoes are some of its alias, but they are guaranteed to provide a different kind of experience whatever they are called. Even though they are explicitly designed for exotic dancing, you can sport a pair for any occasion.

Cop a versatile pair of discount stripper shoes and become the star in every room you walk into.

Why Your Stripper Shoes are Important

Shoes contribute to your height, posture, walk, stance and, of course, dance. They hold your whole weight and instrumental in keeping your balance. However, these practical reasons are not the only things they provide. Here are some more reasons exotic dancer shoes are of the essence:

  • Sexy high heels boost your confidence.
  • It makes your legs look longer and improves your silhouette.
  • Adds extra grip, so you do not slip and slide on the floor or around the pole.
  • Sometimes, the click-clack of the heels adds impact to the routine.
  • It helps build the whole look from head to toe.
  • It builds calf muscles and leg
  • It improves balance and skill.
  • It takes the weight off your heels

A great pair of stripper pumps is not simply a want – it is a need! Actively wearing sexy heels while dancing enhances your movement, flexibility, and balance. Little do they know, you do not just put it on for the sake of spectators’ eyes; you don those sky-high for yourself! Feel a surge of self-esteem rise up from your heels so you can give them a show they won’t forget.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Sexy high heels take you places—utopia, cloud nine, ecstasy. Pleasure is walking on 10 inch heels with a stride fit for a queen and a look that makes them all want to bow down. Indeed, walking with an invisible crown is better when you have skyscraper heels.

Exotic dancer shoes are never subtle. It will turn heads, get jaws dropping, and mouths watering. Subtle is out, slutty is in! Footwear has always been pushed to the side as an accessory, but who says you cannot make it the highlight? Stripper outfits are usually thrown off in the middle of every routine, but you can keep those platform heels on.

You can always opt to go barefoot, but sometimes, your heels need a bit of protection from slippery and spiky floors. Learning to walk in several-inch heels can feel like you are learning to walk anew, but once you get past that break-in stage, it will be a breeze!

Are you still a stripper pumps novice? 10-inch heels or even 8 inch heels can be intimidating and daunting if you’ve only danced barefoot before, but every expert started somewhere. Read the following tips so you can level up to pro in no time!

How to Endure in the Highest Heels

The following are some simple tips that will help you get a grip on how to survive the highest dance heels ever:

  1. Start low. Walking in sexy high heels is a quest, so it is fine if you feel comfortable starting from the bottom. Gradually go an inch higher when your current level feels too easy and natural. Challenge yourself until you find yourself practically walking on stilts.
  2. Break-in makes all the difference. The biggest mistake a rookie can make is using newly bought shoes to the floor. It will only result in painful bruises and wounds. Save band-aids-- break in your high heels.
  3. Practice walking. Take it out for a walk like you do your dog. Get the feel of it on foot before you can eventually run and dance in it. Do not expect it to go the same as your stilettos. Since these platforms practically go as high as the heels, the heel-to-toe formula might not work. Try practicing with the toe-to-heel method. Point the toes, then step, landing on the heel. After a couple of dry runs,
  4. Choose the correct heel height and size. The anatomy of the stripper shoe is unique as well as our bodies. Your own anatomy should be at the top of your mind when choosing the right hooker shoes for you. If the heel height or shoe structure is disproportionate against your body or makes you even the slightest bit off-balance, consider going in a different direction. You are bound to find something that would work more comfortably.
  5. Invest in high-quality slutty heels. You do not want your heel breaking off or straps cutting loose just as the tips come pouring in. Just like the sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe has said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Therefore, make sure you have the right pair! Especially if this is your career path, the right shoes will pave the way.

Being on this page means you are in the right direction. Leave all worries aside because discount stripper shoes will bring you one step closer to heaven. Even though walking in exotic dancer's shoes can seem like a nightmare, it is a dream come true once you get the hang of it. Be patient, keep your head and heels high and enjoy the process!

Pimped Up Pumps

Upon opening the page of Discount Stripper heels, you will be greeted by a lot of bling, slings, and other sexy things. Honestly, decision-making is difficult when all the choices seem so gorgeous. To finally settle on a pair, tick off the following factors:

Heel height

Slutty heels do not mean it has to reach the stars. You can always choose from kitten heels 6 inch heels to 10 inch heels. Stripper ankle boots exotic heels also come in variations of lengths so do not be afraid to explore until you find one that does the trick.

Platform height

The closer the height of the heel to the platform, the easier it is to walk in. However, it could also mean you would be sporting a heavier and bulkier shoe. Choose your level depending on your skill and comfortability.

Material and Color

Velvet, vinyl, satin and the oh-so-popular clear heels. Opt for glittering shine for beautiful light reflection or classy matte for sleek looks. Our catalog has a pair for every stripper outfit you own! Shop the plethora of styles here.


The design of your pole dancing shoes does determine not only the visual appeal but also the support it gives. Ankle straps and hooker boots, and thigh high boots are some that provide ample ankle support and ensure stability.          

Take Sugar Baby Steps with Discount Stripper Shoes

Take it one pair at a time. We are constantly right here waiting for you to add another pair to your collection. Treat these babies as the extension of your legs. Longer lines, muscle strength, and a hot AF look are always in the bag with DS sexy high heels!