Glow In The Dark Alien Body Stickers

$19.95 $24.95


Do you ever feel that you're not made for this earth and find yourself wearing a aluminum foil hat with antennae? Well these Glow In The Dark Alien Body Stickers are for you! Phone home your alien friends in this fabulous sticker top that allows you to personalize your look with a variety of stars and alien heads! Complete with (4) alien stickers and (12) body stickers with glow in the dark pieces.

While your extraterrestrial self is infinite, these body stickers only last for 10-12 hours. Self-adhere with easy application to turn your body into your own work of art!


  • Includes: 4 Aliens, 12 Body Stickers
  • Includes a clear backing to easily peel off
  • Single use
  • For a bright glow, charge these glow in the dark pasties by setting them under direct light source for 10 minutes