Schoolgirl X Nipple Pasties


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  • Peekaboos from Xgen allow you to wear more revealing fashions and cover up with style
  • Last as long as you do! Dance all night without even a slip! Fun as a flirty fashion add-on, or just as premium pasties
  • Includes 2 pairs of premium self-adhesive pasties. Schoolgirl X
  • Play it safe with Peekaboos premium pasties! Designed with you in mind, these sleek, fashionable pasties give you the freedom to be yourself
  • Now more than ever you can dare to wear today's most revealing fashions without showing more than you want
  • Deep v-neck T-shirts, super-sheer tanks, fishnet tops, ultra-sexy dresses
  • Whatever your style, wear it with confidence - we've got you covered